Neighborhood pools from above. Popular Types of Pools in Los Angeles.

Popular Types of Pools in Los Angeles

Different Types of Pools That Are Popular in Los Angeles

There are many different types of swimming pools that are popular in Los Angeles, California. They range from above-ground pools, lap pools, and spa pools, to infinity edge pools and an infinity pool. There are also different shapes to choose from when deciding what type of pool to have. With all the options available you’re sure to find something that will fit your needs and interests. In this article, we will discuss a few different pool shapes and types of swimming pools offered by Sandstone Builders Pool Builder in Los Angeles.

Inground Swimming Pools

This is by far the most popular style throughout Los Angeles, and it’s very easy to see why: they’re inexpensive, fast to install, add value to your home, and require no pre-construction planning. They come in just about every imaginable shape, size and depth. Although they are relatively easy to install one should be aware of the fact the sidewalls need to be built on level ground.

The most popular inground swimming pools in Los Angeles are rectangular shaped with either fiberglass or concrete sidewalls. The most common shapes are kidney, L-shaped (with a smaller shallow end), and oval (larger than Olympic-sized). This classic version is available in varying depths and there are also ultra-deep versions for those who want to swim laps.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

Some homeowners prefer above-ground swimming pools because they don’t require the land that an inground pool does, and installation costs are significantly lower. They also offer more flexibility in terms of shape and size, but do not come with the same warranty as their underground cousins since they’re built to be portable (and can thus handle significant movement or settling). Many Los Angeles residents use portable models for short periods of time each year, such as during the summer months. When you see one of these on a residential street, it’s usually accompanied by a canopy to provide shade cover. It might seem like something out of place for this type of landscape but if you think about it, many residents use their pool every day, and having a canopy to provide some relief from the strong summer sun is a great idea.

Lap Pool

If you want to swim laps in Los Angeles, then having your own lap pool is definitely worth considering. They are typically between 25 and 40 feet long and come with support ribs underneath for added stability. Lap pools demand a significant amount of space, so they won’t fit in most small backyards or on patios without substantial reconfiguration. Even if you do have enough room, it will become the focal point of your landscape design, so plan accordingly before beginning construction. Some models sit partially below ground level while others remain at ground level.

Infinity Edge Pool

If you want to create the illusion of a waterfall, then an infinity-edge pool is for you. Since they don’t have sharp corners, infinity pools give homeowners a smoother appearance and more flexibility in terms of shape and size. They also provide a very tranquil look and feel, especially when viewed at night with all the lights on. The expensive part about these types of pools is that you have to have a large yard or find a lot with enough room.

Spiral Pools

This unique type of swimming pool also creates the impression that it’s spilling into the landscape. Spiral Swimming Pools are very popular in Los Angeles because they provide something different than the normal square or rectangle-shaped pools. The materials used for this type of pool are typically fiberglass, which is strong and can be molded into any shape.

Spa Pools

If you’re interested in enjoying a relaxing spa experience at home, then a spa pool might be worth considering. These types of pools usually have several jets or nozzles located inside so that you can sit back and let them do all the work while enjoying steamy water and bubbles. Most spas have multiple speed settings to control how much water pressure is being applied, so there’s plenty of flexibility to meet everyone’s needs. When you’re not using the jets, you can turn them off and use them as a regular swimming pool.

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