Concrete Resurfacing Los Angeles

Concrete Resurfacing in Los Angeles, CA is the best solution to spruce up the floors of your home or business with high-quality results that are sure to last for years. There are many benefits that you will get from Concrete Resurfacing in Los Angeles, whether it is residential or commercial you can always take advantage of this service. In fact, many homeowners and businesses have already taken advantage of Concrete Resurfacing Services in LA to make their place stand out!

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Concrete Resurfacing Los Angeles


Concrete Resurfacing Los Angeles

What is Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete Resurfacing is the process of applying an overlay to worn-out concrete to give it a new look. The overlay can be made up of different materials such as stamped concrete, stained concrete, or other decorative treatments.

No matter what kind of surface you want, Concrete Resurfacing in Los Angeles will help bring your floors back to life. With its anti-skid properties and ability to resist fading, cracking, and staining this sort of concrete resurfacing service is ideal for all sorts of commercial or residential places like stores, buildings, or even outdoor spaces!

Why Choose Concrete Resurfacing?

If you have cracked or worn-out concrete, resurfacing will provide you with a new-looking finish that will make your floors look as good as they did when you first had them installed.

In fact, many homeowners will choose resurfacing over replacing the concrete because it is less costly and allows them to keep their existing floor patterns.

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Concrete Resurfacing Los Angeles

How Does Concrete Resurfacing Work?

Concrete resurfacing professionals take precise measurements of your space to ensure that your flooring meets all local building codes before starting the project. The preparation work involves removing old layers of paint or stain from the surface, which allows for a stronger bond between the overlay and the original concrete. New products have been developed to create a strong bond without damaging or discoloring existing surfaces so there is no need for repair after the job is done.

The new flooring will then be installed, and it will have a beautiful finish that you can’t get from most other concrete resurfacing services. These finishes include:

Stamped Concrete

This is an innovative method of resurfacing in which the surface texture of the concrete is retained while different patterns are created by using various tools to apply color and texture to the finished product.

Stained Concrete

This process involves applying a coating of colored sealer or pigment to existing concrete. Stained concrete is used to create an elegantly textured finish that adds depth and detail to the floors.

Stone or Quartz Finish

This type of resurfacing process involves applying thin layers of stone chips over the existing concrete surface. This gives it a natural look like you would see with flagstone, slate, marble, travertine, granite, limestone, and other types of stone. In addition to creating an intricate pattern on top of your flooring, this treatment can also be used as a substitute for pavers around your pool or patio area. Like stamped concrete, these treatments are available in a wide array of colors so you can find what works best for your place!

Decorative Overlays

Overlays such as Glass Mosaic, Metal Flake (shiny metal pieces), Stainless Steel Fiberglass, etc.

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Concrete Resurfacing vs. Concrete Replacement

Although many people will ask the question, “What is the difference between concrete resurfacing and concrete replacement?”, there really isn’t much of a difference. Both processes involve removing old layers of concrete on your flooring to prepare it for the installation of new surfaces.

However, in most cases where demolition is required, full replacements cause more damage to the existing structures (floor framing, wall containment, etc.) than resurfacing does.

Concrete Resurfacing Los Angeles
Concrete Resurfacing Los Angeles

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing Over Full Replacement or Repair

Concrete Floor Resurfacing Los Angeles has many benefits over other types of repairs, including:

  • It does not require complete removal of existing building material so it saves more of your time and money.
  • A new surface can be added without causing damage to existing support structures.
  • With new advancements in technology, it is now possible to resurface over stained or stamped concrete, giving you a whole new look without having to replace the entire flooring.
  • Resurfacing cannot be used on loose or powdery surfaces because the surface must have some degree of strength and solidity that can hold onto the new overlay. Repair work may be needed for these types of conditions before applying resurfacing materials.

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