How Pools Add Property Value to Your Los Angeles Home

How Pools Add Property Value to Your Los Angeles Home

Add A Pool to Increase Your Property Value in Los Angeles

If you’re considering adding a pool to your house, you might be wondering if the expense is worth the value it adds to your property. There are certain things to consider in the housing market that you need to carefully consider as if it were any other type of investment. Adding an in-ground pool is a good approach to see a five percent or more increase in property value. Sandstone Builders is one of the many companies that can help you beat the heat and increase the total value of your house.

Is Adding a Pool a Good Investment?

When you add a pool to your house, you can expect to add value in return. A pool is certainly something that most people look for when they’re shopping for homes and this is especially true if it’s an in-ground pool. According to estimates by Remodeling Magazine, the addition of a luxury swimming pool will increase your property value by five percent or more. The expenses associated with adding a luxury pool are well worth the investment, especially because there are so many benefits involved. Not only can you have fun in your very own backyard oasis that you get to design yourself, but pools also improve the total value of your home while providing an excellent opportunity for buyers who are looking for houses with luxuries like pools.

Why Are Pools So Valuable?

One of the reasons that pools are valuable is because they’re one of the best ways to increase your home’s total value. In terms of price, a pool can typically increase your house value by as much as fifteen percent. This cost includes the initial construction and expansion as well as any expenses related to adding luxury features like a waterfall or outdoor kitchen. It also helps to make it appealing for buyers looking for a good deal on luxury homes. A swimming pool is ideal especially if you want an easy way to gracefully age in place, allowing you to stay in your Los Angeles home for many years without too many hassles.

When you add a pool to your house, you can expect it to be a great way to increase the value of your property. Not only is there a positive effect on the resale value, but pools will provide an excellent opportunity for you and your family to enjoy life in your very own luxury backyard retreat. Sandstone Builders has been providing quality service for over thirty years and can help make sure that you get everything done without delay or problems along the way. Contact us today at (818) 257-6604 for more information about how we can help with both commercial and residential properties.

Pools Add Value to Your Property

It’s no secret that adding a pool can increase the value of your home. However, what many people don’t realize is that there are a number of factors to consider when you buy a pool with regards to maximizing its potential value. There are certain things like location and size that make a big difference in how much value your house will gain from adding a pool.

Location Matters  

Although the exact amount depends on the size of the pool and where it’s located, in general terms you’re looking at an increase of about five percent when it comes to property values for pools. However, in some cases, this can be impacted by other aspects such as whether or not the pool is indoors or outdoors. Another thing that increases or decreases your total cost is your desire for luxury features like water slides and fountains. The aesthetics and location of the pool can also impact how much your property is worth and making sure that you get these things right from the start will help save you some trouble down the road.

Maximize Your Investment  

While it’s important to keep in mind the value of adding a pool to your house, an even bigger consideration is whether or not it’s something that you really want. Some people choose to add pools because they’re trying to quickly increase their overall value while others do so for personal reasons like having fun with family and friends on hot summer days. Whatever your reason for adding a pool, keeping quality and cost into account near the top of your list will ensure that you don’t risk wasting money unnecessarily. Sandstone Builders has been providing

Why You Should Trust Sandstone Builders With Your Pool Construction Project

Sandstone Builders is an industry leader in luxury pool construction. Our expert team has extensive experience with all types of pools and can help you design the perfect backyard oasis for your home. We’ve worked on hundreds of projects over the last two decades, creating memorable experiences for homeowners throughout Los Angeles. Trust us to make your next project a success story!