Surviving a Kitchen Renovation in a Hectic Home

image of a kitchen

A kitchen renovation is amazing when it’s all done. However, children plus busy parents is a formula for one hectic household. When you take the kitchen from them, this can turn into chaos! The following are just some ways a family can survive when their kitchen is under renovation.

  1. Create a small kitchen in another living space. Some people like to turn their children’s playroom into a makeshift kitchen as they utilize an old microwave, mini fridge, and a George Foreman grill. To wash dishes, they conveniently use the bathtub for the dirty work.
  2. If possible, set up the renovation during the summer. You don’t have a huge need for the kitchen when you can do some grilling outside. Summers are the most convenient time of the year as you can stay outdoors when the big project is happening.
  3. Avoid the area as much as possible. If you have a two-story home, you may want to bring everything you need upstairs. That way, the family isn’t tempted to use the kitchen.
  4. The initial renovation is going to be LOUD! Use this time to plan a mini-vacation or even a time out for the weekend! You’d give yourself a favor by avoiding all the ruckus happening inside.
  5. Use this opportunity to visit your friends and family. Within that time, don’t turn down any dinner invitations!
  6. Don’t buy too much. When you have a temporary kitchen, you want to keep a minimal space as much as possible. Cut down your trips to the grocery store and exhaust your supplies first.