The Only Guide You Need to Stonemasonry

Knowing techniques to stonemasonry is important to build a successful stone wall.

Incorporating stonemasonry projects into a property is a brilliant craft. It creates beautiful landscapes that are sure to impress many guests. Still, stonemasonry isn’t just about laying out bricks together– it’s a skill that is developed over time. The following is a how-to guide to becoming the finest stonemason!

Know the Difference

Stonemason is unlike block layer, bricklayer or tile setter. Sometimes, they are dubbed as “phonystone” or “phony stonemason”. False brickwork usually consists of concrete along with a thin layer of film that tends to flake off after a couple of years. Nevertheless, stonemasons work with genuine stones.

Wall Rock Masonry

If there’s a common stonemason work, it’s to do wall rock. This is when they adhere rocks together with “mortar” to complete a wall.

Cutting Operations

To make a stone wall, stonemasons create a cutting operation. This is often practiced by an X-brace and three planks. One should be placed at the scaffold while two is at the hip level. The purpose of this is to make a siphon for the wet saw (if necessary).

Gather All Tools Together

Set up a place where all your tools are easily accessible. You may not need all of it, but it’s handy to have them all laid out just in case. Additionally, power tools need to be placed in areas where they are safely handled.

Stone Placements

Collect a good amount of stones and put them in the cutting operation. If you’re working with other stonemasons, make sure that there is a high quality of stones dispersed amongst each other. Before mixing any cement, assess the wall to see if there’s anything else that you need to begin the project. Lay the first stone at the corner ensuring that there’re two and a half inches out on both ends of the wall. Use a measuring tape to do this.

Measure! Measure! Measure!

We can’t emphasize this enough! Measurements are so important in stonemasonry to keep the project as accurate as possible. When a layer is off-putting, the project may call for a re-do which is time-consuming!

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