How to Repair a Stone Walkway

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A stone walkway creates a beautiful presentation of the home. It gives it that natural look with a hint of industrialized side to it. Still, while the walkway may look lovely, over time it will develop cracks in between the stones. Not only is it unappealing to the eyes, but it can pose a hazardous threat to your safety. Find out how you can fix this issue with our simple steps!

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Repairing a Stone Walkway

Step 1: Using safety glass, knee pads, and gloves, remove the mortar by chiseling it out. Use a sledgehammer to make this task easier for you. When you’re done, clean the joints using a nylon brush.

Step 2: Place the mortar in a wheelbarrow and infuse an acrylic fortifier with it. Add some water to make the mortar sticky like a consistency of a peanut butter. This mixture should be good for about 50 minutes. Most importantly, before you pour the mortar, clean the joints with a damp cloth.

Step 3: Spoon the mortar to a zip top bag with a diameter of ½ inch. When you’re done, pinch the mortar in forcing it to the base of the joints. Fill them up to the depth of the stones.

Step 4: Using a trowel, push the mortar down to the base, and then scrape the excess mix. As you continue to work, dip the trowel in water to maintain its cleanliness. To prevent the stones from staining, sponge them with water.

Step 5: Let the mortar set for about 90 minutes. Once this has passed, use a pointing trowel to pack down and smoothen the mortar until it is the same height as the joints.

Step 6: Use a stiff bristle brush to run over the mortar to smooth away the ridges. Stay away from the repaired area for 24 hours to let it dry thoroughly.

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