The Principles of Masonry Construction

Buildings designed with concrete masonry are built to last for generations.

One of the oldest building techniques is masonry. Progressions in engineering, mix designs, and materials make construction heavy-duty which lasts for many generations.  

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Beautification Collection

A variety of concrete masonries like textures, sizes, shapes, and a rainbow of colors offer designers to make beautiful pavements, buildings, and structural walls. Additionally, architectural masonry provides natural looks that are astounding in urban functions and mixes with nature’s beauty.

Durability and Safety

Masonry saves the day when it comes to resistance to fire. It provides an excellent layer of protection for fire damages as it’s textural composition is robust against many natural elements. Research performed after the 9/11 disaster is said that neighboring masonry structures absorbed debris that prevented collapse. Surprisingly, the buildings used were restored and repaired anew with little damage incurred.

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Sustained Work

Just like other concrete walls, masonry makes walls a great thermal mass which minimizes temperature swings. Such buildings are economical with lower cooling and heating costs that provide a consistent, comfortable space for its dweller.


Masonry applications are accessible for commercial projects. Such materials are known to produce churches, government offices, courthouses, and other public buildings. With contemporary engineering along with traditional designs, constructions are made from elementary school to prestigious colleges.


There are two masonry certification programs: Masonry Field Testing Technicians and Masonry Laboratory Testing Technicians. These recognitions are advanced by The American Concrete Institute in partnership with The Masonry Society. Both certifications are projected to improve the quality of masonry.