4 Pavement Ideas For Your Home

A home with a paved walkway.

You might not know this, but your pavement can bring a lot of personality into your home. Along with that, carefully designed yards add value to a home as it shows detail and intricacy. So long to flat driveways and exchange them for more character. The following are four pavement ideas we thought was interesting to implement into your home.

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The Big Idea

A home with a paved walkway.

Just like the photo above, you want something that is eye catching. Even when you have a small home, a property with detail is better than a dull slate-like yard. Instead, we suggest masonry paving that creates a yard in depth, color, and texture to it.

Hexagon Pavement

Pavement - Concrete Masonry Design

If you’re going for a modern look, you want contemporary details outlined with it. With hexagon pavement, you’re showing a geometric take on the yard which brings a lot of personality into the property. This would be ideal for a patio-style yard that highlights a firepit in the middle.

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Mediterranean Style Pavement

Pavement - Concrete Masonry Design

This design idea is great when you want to feature a pool. Run it along the perimeters and your yard will have its own character. This layout is a repeated grid that is set along with grass. It’s a standard masonry technique that really helps absorb water after a day at the pool.

Traditional Landscaping Pavement

Pavement - Concrete Masonry Design

This paving is perfect for walkways. These pavers create spaces which also allows moisture to spread to the yard. Such design is aesthetically beautiful as it shows a peaceful setting. Include this walkway at the front yard and your neighbors would be jealous at the overall look of your home.

Circled Patch Pavement

Pavement - Concrete Masonry Design

If you want to highlight your patio, this is the design that you want in your yard. Circular masonry shows a sophistication that’s ideal when you want to wow your guests. Incorporate it with a firepit and pool for a more intricate look.

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