Protect your Pavement From the Winter!

heavy snow storm

We mentioned from our first entry that protecting your concrete floor is important. This is because, over time it can erode from all the liquid it has been exposed to. Therefore, using a sealant is ideal for the everyone who is concerned about the integrity of their concrete floor. The same goes for your pavements. With the winter time at its near peak, it’s important to know how to protect your pavement from the harsh weathers ahead.

The cold weather itself is not the culprit behind deteriorating pavements. In all actuality, when water or snow seeps into the pavement, water expands when it frozen. When this happens, it creates potholes, and unwanted cracks. So what can you do to prevent this?

Clear your pavement from debris

When ice melts, it’s crucial to have your pavement in great shape. Having chunks of debris in between cracks as it is frozen over can actually be damaging. This is especially true for those who are living in snowy cities where snow-plowing can blow the surface of the concrete.

Use sealants and fill-in the cracks

If it isn’t too late, consider filling the cracks to prevent further damage. After that, use a sealcoat to help it from getting damaged furthermore.

Pools of water

If you see a pool of water, chances are that there is a pothole underway. Schedule an appointment with your local paving contractor in order to repair the damage before the weather begins to warm up again.

Shovel regularly

This isn’t too much of problem in the west coast, but for the east side, this is a whole different story. The whole point is to prevent any type of liquid to be in contact with the pavement’s surface. The only way to do this is to consistently plow. Regularly plowing can prevent water damage and keeps the pavement clear from the continuous cold.