The Importance of Asphalt Maintenance

Maintaining Asphalt is important for your driveway and on the road.

The world is majorly covered in asphalt. In the United States alone, there span about 4 million miles of pavement constructed of asphalt. With that in mind, we’re wondering how much of it is covering your city alone. Nonetheless, these major roadways may depreciate over time especially when it’s not receiving the much-needed attention. After that, materials incorporated with it loses the essentials that help it from functioning properly.

Why is it important to maintain asphalt?

Weather heavily takes into factor when it comes to the maintenance of asphalt. When they are not maintained, it could last up to three years. After that, oils and other material can seep in. This leaves the top layer of the asphalt vulnerable to cracking and splinters.

A lot of factors can cause damage. Precipitation, heat, cold weather, and heavy traffic can take a toll on them. Because asphalt is consistently exposed to these elements, maintenance is crucial.

While maintenance is a lot of work, it proves to be a better alternative to replacement. Why? Replacement can take months to finish because of the following sequence: removal of asphalt, packing and preparing the surface, adding the new solution, sealing, and bonding time.

What types of maintenance are needed?

Patch Repairs is implemented when one area fails. Maybe the only way to find a permanent solution is by cutting out the area so that a contractor may install new asphalt.

Sealcoating is the best option for maintenance especially when you’re dealing with parking structures.

The crack seal prevents damage from happening. Apply these every year for optimal results.