Illegal Concrete Dumping From Contractors

Illegal dumping of waste was happening at the Connecticut River.

State environmental regulators are pinning a Hadley contractor in charge of a job in Northampton. He is being charged with illegal dumping of approximately 100 yards of concrete to the Connecticut River.

An order against Christopher J. Baj from Hadley Concrete Service is issued by the Department of Environmental Protection. Violations included breaches of the state’s wetlands, waterways, and solid waste laws. Additionally, the state is requiring Baj to hire professional consultants to come up with a restoration and cleanup plan by August 31.

An anonymous tipper called officials about the dump site which were located off of Route 47 along the Connecticut River.

Baj’s lawyer, Mark T. Brennan says that his client denies all allegations, and he doesn’t own any dump truck. Baj refuses to return any calls and will not comment on the issue. His lawyer adds, “He denies any dumping of any project materials anywhere.” He adds that he has no clue as to why his client is under fire for something he has never done.

It is determined that about 2,860 cubic feet of reinforcement bar, concrete rubble, painted wood shards, conduit, and pipes were from 64 Gothic St., The address was associated with professional offices that were owned by Gothic Street Condominium Association. To this day, the work at this address remains unfinished.

While everything is still under investigation, a spokesman for DEP, Catherine Skiba says, “He (Baj) was the general contractor who was on the job where the material came from.” In this case, Baj may appeal the order.

Source: Daily Hampshire Gazette