Electrical Mistakes to Avoid


Wiring mistakes and problems happen all too often, and when it is not corrected short circuits, fires and shocks may occur. The following are some ways to fix them when you encounter the problem.

Creating Connections and Electrical Boxes

One mistake here is making connections without electrical boxes. Junction boxes protect the wires from damages whether is it by accident or intentional (let’s hope not) and it can contain the heat and sparks from short circuits and loose connections. For your safety, add a box.

Unprotected Plastic-Sheathed Cable

In between framing members, it’s easy to damage plastic-sheathed cables when they are left exposed. This is why it’s required for them to be protected at all times. When a cable is run over in between ceiling frames and under a wall, that’s when they become most vulnerable. The solution to this is by screwing or nailing a board along the cable.

Installing Poor Support on Switches and Outlets

They look bad in the eyes of everyone, and they’re dangerous. Outlets that are loosely connected tend to move around which in turn causes them to loosen in terminals. This causes potential dangers like overheating and creating fire. One way to solve this issue it to add rigid spacers.

No Clamps When Installing Cables

Connections can be strained when the cables are not secure. When you use metal boxes, it can cut the connection and remove the insulation on the wires. How do you fix this easy mistake? Just install a clamp!

Electrical Boxes and Overfilling

When you have too many cables and too little of a box, this can be dangerous because it can cause a fire, short circuit or even overheating. There is a minimum box size to reduce these risks, and they have been imposed under the National Electrical Codes. One way to fix this issue is by simply installing a bigger box.