Decorative Trends in the Concrete World and in Your Home!

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Do you know the possibilities with concrete? Most of us don’t, and when we think of concrete we think of brick walls, buildings or parking garages. But, the new era of concrete has evolved. Even into a convention that welcomes upwards of 10’s of thousands of people and growing! So what concrete trends are on the rise for 2016?

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Here are just a few that are pretty surprising and incredible:

Colorful Concrete Overlays.

This technique works with your existing concrete flooring and is specially made with formulated polymer coating. Homeowners have the ability to customize with a variety of colors and designs to create their one of a kind floor. The use of concrete overlays is the most affordable option in this trend.

Polished Concrete.

Another popular method gives your flooring an effect of a highly waxed or polished surface. You can also add color in this process to bring out or make the flooring even more unique.

Acid Stained Concrete.

If you are looking for a classic and elegant type of concrete flooring, acid stained is the one for you. You can use this process can be used on existing concrete and with multiple colors. Acid Stained is the easiest to care for within these techniques and maintain.

Stamped Concrete.

Welcome to the most popular trend. This process is used in both indoor and outdoor, and can be transformed to look like brick, tile, wood flooring, and more! Plus the fraction of the cost compared to most exotic tiling designs and manufactures.
Whether you are going classic or experimenting with new looks in your home, concrete is the way to the future for customization in flooring. No chipped tiles, lifted wood floors, laminate, or carpet. Simply your floor, upgraded and designed by you for you.