How to Build a Fire Ring in the Yard

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Having a fire ring in the yard is very cozy especially on cool nights when you want to sit around the fireside with friends and family. So, when you make one for your home, it is even more rewarding to know that you built it with your own two hands. So, let’s start with this simple do-it-yourself project!

Choose an flat area that is about 14 diameters wide. Make sure that your fire ring is away from objects that will easily catch flames such as trees, buildings, and bushes. Keep in mind that burning wood pops and snaps which can send small sparks in the air.

Whirl a pipe in the middle and mark out a 7-ft circle all throughout. Remove any grass, or sod materials within that circle, so that you may fit the flagstone 1 inch below it’s surrounding sod. Use a sod cutter to make this  labor easy, but if that is not available, use a shovel.

Next to the pipe on the center of the ring, drive a six inch landscape spike just until it is 2 inches below the the level of the sod. Drive an additional six spikes that are about 3 feet away the center-pipe. Make sure that they are evenly spaced out along with the middle pipe.

Start by laying the first row of retaining wall stones along the radius. Avoid leaving any gaps in between them by twisting each of the stone back and forth in the sand– this sets them firmly in place. After that, straddle the joints of the first row by setting the second set on top of it.

Spread one inch of sand over the common areas of sitting. Fit the flagstone on the fire ring tightly. Remove excess rocks or sand if it’s preventing it from being stabilized. Finish setting all the stones on the sitting area. Keep them 2 inches spread apart. Once you’re done, fill the gaps with topsoil. Simply cut the sod with knife for better precision.

Note: Before your start the project, call your local fire department to see if there are any fire restrictions that you need to follow before building one. Some communities require a permit and may restrict the size of the fire ring.