Repairing a Foundation Crack

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Repairing foundation cracks isn’t just a call for attention to experts anymore. If you’re a homeowner who happens to have a cracked walls on your basement or if you’re a business owner with a commercial building, fixing this small problem is easy! In fact, you may actually do this simple concrete work yourself.

What happens when you leave a cracked wall unrepaired?

When water streams through the cracks, it leaves the surface  exposed  and damped. This causes it to be prone to potential damages. The goal is to keep the wall air tight to prevent further damage. So let’s get started. 

How do you repair a foundation crack?

Most of the time when you see a crack on the foundation of your walls, they’re long and narrow. Often times they are leaking with water from the outside. The following is a step-by-step on how to repair a foundation crack.

Step 1:

Use a wire brush to remove excess concrete, dust and dirt.

Step 2:

Mix some epoxy surface sealer in order to install the injection ports. Usually, the epoxy is released in two tubes. One is colored black and the other is white. Mix these two to get a consistency of goo and a color of grey.

Step 3:

Apply tabs over the crack, and repeat this process every 8 inches starting from the bottom of the crack all the way to the top.

Step 4:

When all the tabs are set, the cracks will need to be sealed using the epoxy surface sealer. Use a putty knife in order to smear the mixture. Sealing is the easiest part of this process since it only takes a couple of minutes to do. Once you are done with this process, give it about 5 hours to completely dry.

Step 5:

Inject polyurethane foam into each tab. Once the fluid oozes from the port, move on to the next one. Depending on the size of the crack, it can usually take about 15 minutes to completely fill. This material is helpful since it expands from its original state to 15 times its size. Using polyurethane cures which will help the crack from ever leaking again.