The How-To in Coloring Concrete

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Ever thought about coloring concrete? Well, this is the page for you! Believe it or not, coloring concrete is used for interior concrete floors, stamped concrete driveways, and stamped concrete patios. Such colors are great on their own or as an accent feature such as concrete dye or concrete stain. With color layering, you can produce a beautiful mimics of wood, brick, tile or natural stone.

Integrally colored concrete holds an advantage from the competition as it extends all throughout the concrete slab. This means that when the concrete is cracked, the color will stay. Integral colors are produced in forms of granular, liquid and powder. These are mixed at a concrete plant or concrete truck which makes the process relatively easy.

When you’ve picked a color, you can bring this color to a concrete plant 24 hours before pouring the slab. When you bring it to the plant, it allows the color to mix while it is in transit to the job-site. One disadvantage in integrally colored concrete is that each bag can be somewhat expensive. At about $50 on average, these bags will add up costs. Nevertheless, knowing the color you want for your concrete work will be extremely helpful for your next project.