Cleaning Bricks Just Got Easier

Mold or mildew build-up can ruin the cleanliness of your wall.

Bricks add personality and beautiful facades to any property, but they may occasionally need attention. Stain and mold build-up can begin to appear on bricks which are repulsive to look at. With some common chemicals and a little work, you can restore them. Let’s begin!

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How to Clean Bricks

You want a pressure washer for this activity to remove stubborn stains and soils. Note: Be very watchful not to damage masonry joints or stones when you’re administering this method.

  1. Gather all your materials together before beginning this task. You will need a water hose or water pressure, bleach, scrub brush, and a water bucket.
  2. Using water and bleach, mix an even amount of both solutions into the bucket.
  3. Brush the wall to remove residues.
  4. Soak the brick wall in small areas.
  5. Rub it before the solution dries.
  6. Use the pressure wash to clean the whole thing.

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Another way to clean brick is by hand. This method may be a little more efficient when you’re trying to get rid of the scums.

  1. First, figure out what type of dirt or stain you’re trying to get rid of. Algae, mildew, and mold require different methods while rusts or mortar smear may need chemicals.
  2. Use chlorine bleach to remove mold or mildew.
  3. Pour an even amount of water and bleach in the bucket and pour the solution into a pump.
  4. Using a water hose, wet a section of the wall.
  5. Spray the bleach solution on the stains and leave it there for a few minutes. Make sure that the solution doesn’t dry onto the wall. This could cause more problems than solutions.
  6. For severe problems, scrub it down with only bleach.
  7. After that, wash the wall down with water to remove the solution from sticking to the wall.