Pool Deck Work Renovation Los Angeles

Your pool is a place for relaxation and enjoyment. We understand your desire for a renovation if your pool deck textures are less-than-perfect.

When you want to create a beautiful landscape in your backyard, you want to hire the best contractors in town!

Are you tired of seeing unappealing pool deck textures? We’re the right people to renovate it for you.

We create and design beautiful pool decks that are customized to your preference.

After all, when the summer heat starts to rise, the only place you’d want to be is by the pool! What better way is it to celebrate a barbecue or a pool party with a backyard looking presentable to your guests?

When you add lovely pool deck textures to your home, you’d be amazed by how it changes the appearance of your yard with such a simple detail!

There are many types of pool deck textures

There are many types of pool deck textures to choose from and these are some styles to think about:

Rainbow Colored Gravel – Commonly used, economical, and extremely durable. For enhanced look, we suggest the incorporation of inlays or runners.

Salt Finish and Colored Concrete – This is a cost effective option with a variety of colors and finishes to choose from.

Brushed Concrete – Extremely durable and cost effective

Stamped Overlay Concrete / Stamped Concrete – Variety of patterns and colors available. Ideal for existing and new decks.

Here at Sandstone Builders, we offer our customers a variety of pool deck textures to choose from.

Have a design in mind? With our line of professionals, we’ll turn that into a reality!

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