Electric Repair Los Angeles

Sandstone Builders is not limited to just masonry work. In fact, we are well adapted to other home improvement projects such as electrical work. Our skilled team of electricians will work on electrical maintenance, troubleshooting, and installation so that your home will not be left out in the dark.

They work on installing washers, dryers, lighting fixtures to rewiring your whole property. You can be sure that they can do a job well-done. The law allows everyone to perform their own electrical work. Still, we don’t suggest for you to do it yourself.

Why? Unless you have the necessary knowledge and skill to do it, electrical work can be dangerous. If you’re interested in doing some of the electrical work in your property, we suggest for you to do some extensive research before carrying out such a substantial project. Don’t perform any electrical work unless you have the skill to do the project legally and safely.

Unfortunately, many residents underestimate the seriousness of electrical work that serious accidents occurs. In some cases, an electrical process might actually be illegal and unsafe.

Are you uncertain about certain electrical work? Let us do the project for you! We’re experts in the following:

• Troubleshooting
• Facilities maintenance
• Replacing electrical devices
• Retrofitting electrical systems
• Breaker replacements
• Inspection Services
• Fans and lights
• Ceiling/Wall outlets
• Emergency services
• Monitoring and measuring
And much more!

Electrical work is a dangerous project to the untrained individual. If you want a professional work, you can trust that our team of electricians can do it for you! Give us a phone call today and ask about a consultation! We are sure not to disappoint!

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